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I have written about the poor kids in my alley. Well last week the 14 year old and her little sister, about 8 came into the gallery selling cookie dough for her school. It was $16. —These little girls live with 9 other children, their two mothers, and a severely
mentally handicapped man in a beat up 2 bedroom alley house. They are very poor.–
I gave them a $20. bill and I told them they could keep the $20. and split it or they could sell me the cookie dough and keep the $4. change. They left. The next day they came back and asked what kind of cookie dough I wanted. They said they had talked it over with their mother and she told them to do the right thing—sell the cookie dough and turn the money over to the school. is ivermectin safe for rats —I am so impressed—Just because you are poor doesn’t mean that you have less values than we who are not! como tomar el ivermectina en gotas

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