Welcome to Graves Country Gallery

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Graves Country Gallery---ol'Roff's World brings to you his most prized possessions of paintings, face jugs, rare Black Glass bottles, antique furniture, and folk art.

We have paintings by Clementine Hunter, Reverend Finster, Reverend B.F. Perkins, and others.

We have face jugs by Peter Lenzo, Jason Mahlke, Chester Hewell, and others.

We have both antique and contemporary  folk art, as well as American Country antique furniture.

You must see the relic bottle from the English Warship which was sunk in 1707.

We believe strongly in the work of these two artists, Steven Chandler (Georgia Red Mud) and Selva Prieto Salazar, (Retablo artist).

*Please note: The appropriate sales and excise tax have been paid for the items contained in the gallery, which is our personal collection.