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"I, ol’Roff , am blind in the right eye and I am slowly losing my left eye. I can no longer see to drive. The urge to create art is strong and I work daily." — ol'Roff

Graves Country gallery was opened in 1984, in Sutter Creek CA. Later in 1990 we moved to Lodi, CA, on North Main Street. In mid 1990 we moved to 15 North Cherokee Lane. We had planned on never moving again but God had a different plan in store. In late 2012 I was diagnosed with a Pituitary Tumor and my life was changed forever. Surgery in December of 2012 rendered me almost totally blind in the right eye, limited vision in the left eye, unsteady balance, and limited short-term memory. The surgery was not 100% successful and I was left with a partial tumor in my head. Needless to say, I could no longer maintain the gallery. It was auctioned off June 9th, 2013 by a longtime friend and great auctioneer, Buster Hewlett of LeGrand Ca.


My lovely wife Arleney and I had been in business many years. We sold at Folk Fest in Georgia from 1995 through 2002.  We were friends with many of the artists such as Jimmie Sudduth, Bernice Sims, Rev Finster, Rev WC Rice, Sam McMillan and others.

We visited the potters in Alabama and Georgia. We were friends with the Hewells, Bobby Ferguson, Jerry Brown, and several others. At the time of the  gallery’s closure we represented over 50 different artists, potters, and sculpturers. Our gallery had in excess of 500 great pieces.


But for some crazy reason this 77 year old guy with part of a tumor still in his head said to himself “This tumor is not going to control me”. I  decided to go on but I am unable to operate a gallery where I can properly conduct sales to you . I have collected my whole life and on my website I will continue to display our personal collection. I will share with you some of the items I have never let go. I have remained friends with some great artists and I will show their best to you.

In olRoff’ s World, you will see some of the early furniture we have accumulated over the years. I collected weathervanes and I will show them to you.  The greatest paintings of Bernice Sims and Jimmy Sudduth’s are present as well. ol’Roff is best friends with the wonderful artist, Louis Vuittonet. His paintings will also be present.

The tumor brought on the ability to paint and create –and create-and create. Heck you will see ol’Roff’s paintings and artwork. You will enjoy ol’Roff‘s World!—over 500 Painting and pieces of artwork have been given away in a “Pay It Forward” manner. It is spread across the United States and Alaska, It is on three continents and in nine different countries.—Did the tumor stop ol’Roff—NO! By the grace of God it drove  me to live every day of my life.

I intend to maintain an occasional newsletter. If you want to receive the newsletter, please email me. Several years ago I sent an email to two or three thousand people. I asked if they wanted to receive my Newsletter. I expected to hear from 100 or so. I received over 900 requests. I am so thankful for each one! I have lost track so I will try to slowly rebuild. My immune system is gone. I suffer with an Auto-Immune Deficiency. Steroids are my life.

Arleney, now turning 80 years old and I live happily together in our home in Stockton. She is as beautiful as  ever.

Thank you for being such loyal patrons and friends!

Susan B. Anthony

These days…ol’Roff is still going strong but has found signing his artwork a challenge. A Susan B. Anthony coin has taken the place of ol'Roff's signature.

If your artwork has one of these coins, chances are, it's a Roff.

Folk Artist

over 500 Painting and pieces of artwork have been given away in a “Pay It Forward” manner. It is spread across the United States and Alaska, It is on three continents and in nine different countries.