Jaden and Gramps ol’Roff

June 2nd, 2018

Finally ol’Roff will be selling some of the items in his personal collection. He has joined partnership with his great-grandson Jaden. They will be selling their own art as well as wonderful art from the collection. Check out the gallery section on the website.

Abandoned-Broken- But God Is Still Here

December 30th, 2016
 I had just been with a dying friend when I was painting this. I have no idea exactly what it means but I believe it to be my best painting of 2016 and it will most likely be framed and passed down to my family. I will name it, “Abandoned-broken but God Is Still Here”. It could represent the church or it could also represent some of us. We will never be abandoned by our God!



“Off To The Moon”

November 13th, 2016

This painting has been several months in coming. I have thought about it over and over but kind of scared to try—-Our daughter Cindy in Salt Lake City adores her 6 grandchildren. just recently she asked me to paint a painting portraying them—So here was my chance. Here is my painting (name decided by Arleney and me) “Off To The Moon”—-Momma Ninda taking her 6 little stikers to the moon—and she would if she could!—Painted as your Chistmas gift daughter Cindy F.



Recluse or Heaven

November 12th, 2016

As I get older I find solace in being connected but alone. My wife and family are my comfort. It is absolutely necessary that I retreat to my studio/garage and spend quite hours.In the Spring I will do the same in our flower garden. I enter another amazing world where I can create and then share with you. To me this is the ultimate of living. Some call it recluse. I call it heaven!

Thank You God

August 26th, 2016

I absolutely love giving paintings. It is my payback to my God for delivering me from the blindness I once had for a month or so. I was not aware that I would see again–a miracle! God, I thank you so much!——-and can you imagine–everyone can have one. I WILL NOT accept money! Finally, something that money can’t buy! I feel so good about it!

My First Halloween painting

August 22nd, 2016

The Burning of The Cross

June 17th, 2016

The Burning of The Cross—Ok for you folk and for my granddaughter Angela who fights for the rights of others, I am going to post “The Burning Cross”—perhaps for 15 year old Areinna, an African American girl who is scared about this election, for my Mexican Family I love so very much, for my Muslim friends and family, May, Mohammad, and my Muslim nephew, and for a Gay close relative I love with all my heart, I am posting this. I shed tears as I painted it . I will stand with you as long as I can stand!

“Large Package”

June 13th, 2016

So I will be painting what I call “Nuggets” Each will be numbered. Some will disgust some people but all will be about life’s situations I have encountered, These will Not be given away. As I was finishing the first, it was spoken for by a family member. His wish was granted.—I will dedicate this one to an ignorant large boy, named Clayton in the last years of my elementary school education. This went with me from then until now and I have heard this term many times. Each time this is how I picture the speaker–ol’Roff

I Am Thinking

June 12th, 2016

I am seriously thinking of doing a different type of painting—painting my pet peeves but I am afraid many of my conservatives friends will find the paintings very unsatisfying—after all I am one darn nice old man! –We all have a different side to us that we want no one to see. The beloved Jimmie Sudduth proved that. Only selected people were allowed to see behind the wall of the front room. Thank God, I was one of the chosen. How i loved Jimmie and O.C.–Cebo to many.—-Yes, I probably will have one of those walls and perhaps I can satisfy that need inside of me to truly express some of my “Raw Feelings”.–olRoff

Remember ol’Mike

May 4th, 2016

Here is a painting I am just completing about ol’Mike “Yes, there really was an Old Mike. In the mid 1950s my father and mother bought a small ranch in Tuolumne County a few miles from Jamestown, California. Old Mike, an ageless mysterious donkey lived on the ranch. He was self-sufficient. I have no idea how he lived but he loved people and seem to always be around. My father loved him dearly. My father eventually had a stroke, went into a long coma, and six months later dad was gone. Old mike disappeared. I have no idea if he was stolen or went to a lonely place on the hill and died. We could never find him!—Love you dad ands love you Old Mike.–memories of olRoff”