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I had a customer in Lodi who bought good Early American furniture from me. One day he helped me carry in a large painting from Annie Tolliver. I’d been on a buying trip to the South. Roff, Tom asked,”What kind of person would buy an ugly painting like this? كازينو مباشر ” Tom, I said, let’s talk. You have two homes –a beautiful home in Lodi and a 2nd home in Fort Bragg Tom, you have a nice Landscape or Seascape painting hanging behind your couches. لعبة قمار بوكر Is that not true?” Tom agreed that it was. I said, “Now Tom, if you had a painting like this people wouild talk forever!” Tom said nothing. He wandered around the gallery and then said bye. The next time I went into the gallery there was a envelope with a nice check enclosed as a “hold” on a Outsider painting he had seen. arab casino Tom continued as a customer until I got sick and had to close. i miss him.–olRoff

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