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The last part of the Bungee Cord Jumping Incident.— The family members that were present were Terry Gates–my son-in-law, Brandon Gates-my grandson, Missy, my daughter. They took me home where Arlene was waiting to take me to an Emergency Hospital in Stockton. (I could not go to an Emergency Hospital in Sonora due to probably possibly breaking the law regarding jumping from bridges).

The doctor had took one look at my hand and asked what happened. I told him that I had been mountain climbing and had slipped. The long rope had caught in my hand. how to compound with ivermectin topial After bandaging my hand, the doctor said,  “Now every thing is down on record for the insurance purposes, please tell me what really happened.” I told him. He laughed so hard. he called a couple his staff members in and had me retell the story.

Arleney did not think it was so funny, Actually she was kind of mad at me. This occurred on a Saturday. Sunday we had a big family brunch planned. My hand was swollen huge, and I mean huge! dosis de ivermectina para escabiosis en adultos I did not want to go to the brunch. I had trouble getting into our car. Arleney helped me, calling me a few names as she helped push me in with her foot.

Monday morning I went to work. Attorney John Sullivan (a drinking Irishman, fun of fun-now deceased) complimented me and laughed his head off! I don’t know who all knew in our Legal office but some of Facebook reader may remember this.

Bungee Cord jumpers stopped jumping from State bridges. They kept jumping for different County bridges. sirve la ivermectina In my world this got around and people probably talked about what a fool that crazy guy was. The State of California did not recognize me in any way, it couldn’t.—And I healed. All became a memory.—olRoff

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