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At times the gallery got pretty lonely. I quickly learned that Lodi was no place to sell folk art. Several years ago we decided it would be a perfect place to take a parrot to break the boredom. We decided on a baby African Grey, our Sweetie. I purchased two nice large cages (one for the gallery) and a tree made of Manzanita. All was going well. Sweetie was starting to talk. Customers loved her!—–

Then the lady with the son directly from hell came in. (I should paint the little boy from hell). Her son. about 6 or 7 found where I kept the broom I used in the shop. He took the broom and used the handle to try and knock Sweetie from the tree. ivermectin in covid articles The mother of the little devil watched, uncaring. inactive ingredients in ivermectin horse paste I asked her and ask her to stop him. can i use ivermectin on goats He landed a blow and I screamed at him, using profanity I had forgotten. The precious mother then informed me that I used undue correction and that she would be suing me. (Arleney just reminded me that I told the lady to get her ass out of the gallery–I probably did)

I gave the cage away and took the Manzanita tree down. I took Sweetie
home. She never was quite the same. After that,  she loved being inside her cage where she has showered us with a million blessings. She has told us a thousand times she loves us, told us good night, and good morning, and she has whistled and sang for us—–perhaps it is because she never had to worry about the little boy from hell again!———–olRoff

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