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It is one of many that will be included–all true–no fiction—-It was in the late 1980s. There were lots of working girls always near the gallery. This particular day my lovely wife dropped by to say hello. It was hot. I had no air conditioning so she went outside for some fresh air. It wasn’t long before a man, probably from Pakistan wit…h lots of Gold teeth came up to her. He flashed his gold teeth with a big smile and greeted her, saying “I have many wives back home. I keep them all very happy”, wink, wink, and smiled even more. My wife told him that her husband was inside the building. Not believing her, he smiled and winked again. régi nyerőgépes játékok Then I went out to see what was happening. 22bet kaszinó online The Pakistan man then left. My wife, very naïve, told me what had just happened. She was shocked when I told her she had just been propositioned—that he thought she was one of the working girls. “Oh my Gosh”, she exclaimed. And we still enjoy talking about it 20 years later. 887 tippmix

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