Last Updated on May 4, 2022 by Roff Graves

God works in mysterious ways! I have always wondered why my father had such a love of the deep South, particularly Georgia I grew up hearing the songs of Steven Foster. On my left shoulder is “Swing low, Sweet Chariot”. I longed to visit the deep South and started several years ago. I have a deep love of Southern Folk Art. بلوت I took my grandson Brandon to the South when he turned 13.—Please listen to this—I just joined the Graves Family Association. تابع اون لاين I just learned that my roots go back to Georgia  and the 1700s, My family has actually been traced back!—And I know through DNA testing that I am .01 percent African.—-Isn’t it amazing!
The love of the Deep South has been in our veins for over 300 years! www 888casino com –olRoff

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