ol'Roff's Mushrooms All over

Arleney and I spent a couple of hours wrapping 10 packages containing "ol'Roff's Mushrooms" They will fly to Washington, Minnesota, Virginia, and down to Georgia--and all across California. If you receive one of the packages please "Pay it Forward" to help someone else. That is all we ask----I have been told, "If I give something, I do not have to tell some one about it!" --Here is my thought, I am doing this to inspire others to help. I like to share my art and this is how I do it. I am not seeking accolades--I have a book full of them--did not do me much good, other than to feel good about it. Truly folks, I am doing it so I can like myself when I look in the mirror! ----The photos are horrible but so is my vision. They will have to do.

--by ol'Roff

  • Artist : Grandpa ol'Roff
  • Price : Pay It Forward