The Korean War cease fire occurred in 1953. I was 17 when I arrived there in March or April 1954.. The two youngest, (Graves and Gonzales) in our Radar Operators Class,. had been chosen to go to Korea. both of us were the same age. Upon arrival at K-6 I was assigned a bunk in an eight man tent. My year commenced.---Through-out the year care packages would arrive from my mother (wonderful date loaf), from my then girlfriend Alice (my former wife), and from Alice's older married sister, Maureen. Oh how the men in our tent looked forward to those packages. We all shared together. Maureen was very consistent in sending cookies and candy. I will never forget and I will never stop loving her for it. She is 90 years old now.---And Arleney picked out the nicest of the "Mushrooms" to send to her. Maureen is loved!

  • Artist : Grandpa ol'Roff
  • Price : Maureen's