Last Updated on September 14, 2014 by Roff Graves

Born in Texas June 8, 1936, after a successful career in law as a CHP Officer and a Legal Investigator, also a licensed Private Investigator, Roff opened and operated both a store front gallery and a on-line gallery. Try as he might, he could never paint–envied those great artists he represented. A pituitary Tumor in 2012 struck Roff, blinded him  in his right eye, and struck him where he could no longer operate the gallery. It remains closed. The surgery was not 100% successful and Roff is left with a tumor in his brain. But strangely enough, Roff bought a few tubes of paint and some brushes–magic flowed and ol’Roff became the artist he’d always dreamed of becoming. He can’t seem to stop painting.

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