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It happened on Mariposa Rd, a few miles east of Stockton. my partner and I were working grave-yard. It must have been one o’clock AM or so. We stopped to check out this parked car. We noticed that one or two of the doors were ajar. As we got close to the car we could here grunts and groans and then we saw 2 couples, one in the back seat and one in the front. The were putting on quite a show. After a little while we interrupted their party and kind of ruined their night. They were drunk. We didn’t want to arrest them but we couldn’t let them drive away. zakłady bukmacherskie piłka nożna My partner, Harold and I discussed it and decided to hide their car keys. I placed them immediately in front of the left rear tire.—We then continued our routine patrol. A hour or two later we returned to check on them. They were sober and had torn all the seats out of their car, looking for the keys. We offered to help them and after a few minutes I retrieved the keys and gave them to the driver. You can just imagine  how happy they were. sts zaklady sportowe At that time in our history there were so many racial problems, well that night two CHP Officers were loved–no racial problems felt! bukmacherskie zakłady sportowe fortuna –olRoff

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