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When I was in between wives I would occasionally take a woman to the small ranch where my aged mother lived alone near Sonora, California. She would set and talk for a while, then hobble on her walker to her bedroom and soon I would hear, “Son, come in here”, then “get her out of here! عمر ليونيل ميسي She is not for you!” I grew a little leery about taking anyone. So I dared to take Arlene up for a drive. We had known each other only for a few days and I thought, what the heck. موقع payeer It was a Satu…rday and my mother was to meet Arlene. Mom set in her usual chair and talked a few minutes, then took her walker and headed to her bedroom. Oh what the hell, I was used to it! 888 كازينو She yelled her usual, “Son, get in here!” I took a deep breath and headed for mom’s bedroom. There I heard, “Son! She is the one! Take her to Reno today!” Arleney and I have been happily married for 30 plus years!

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