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Good Sunday Morning Kathy

I woke up early this morning thinking about this. I so very much appreciate the conversation I had over the phone with you.

I have been buying and trying to sell folk art since the early 1980s. ingyen letölthető nyerőgépes játékok My gallery is located in a town where a Thomas Kincaid print is considered a masterpiece and a Clementine Hunter piece is a joke.

I started doing Folk Fest in Atlanta in 1996. I became a regular in the show (their Western gallery) for 6 or 7 years. It wore me and my pickup out. I traveled the deep south buying. Much of the time I had my young grandson, Brandon with me.

We got to know Jimmy Sudduth well–also Bernice Sims, Buddy Snipes, Rev Finster, and others. (I have stayed at the Slotins’s home)I think they loved my grandson so darn much. I could tell so many stories.

The one thing I never quite overcame is the friendly old country boy gallery versus the sophisticated big city
gallery. In fact, one of my major customers was in New York or Chicago at a gallery and he mentioned me. The gallery owner kind of sneered and replied something to the affect that I was way beneath her. I believe my customer’s daughter had a kind word with her in that regard.

I now have the greatest customers in the United States (I do not sell abroad). I have renowned authors, doctors and attorneys, preachers, teachers, and many others. I truly care for each. I will place my “Country Postage Stamp”
gallery along side of any big city gallery and let my customer choose!

Now regarding the two long narrow paintings you are looking at, there is no question about them being Sudduths. nyerőgépes játékok letöltése ingyen pc-re
The question is”will they better your collection”. tegnapi tippmix eredmények If you already have good Sudduths, then I would probably forget about filling a long narrow space and concentrate on a great Sudduth for my collection. It is your choice.

I so much appreciate your phone call. I don’t think I have ever written this long of a letter to a potential customer before.


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