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Last Updated on August 5, 2014 by Roff Graves

I was well acquainted with the Sudduth family and I loved them—and still do–that master of manhood, Jimmy Sudduth. Several years ago, in the mid 1990s I pulled into Fayette,  Alabama. An African American man told me to follow him, he would take me to Jimmy’s It was a little way out of town. When I arrived there, Jimmy and his cousin O.C. (Cebo) were at a small building which was sitting on the side of a hill. Jimmy’s home was below, near the bottom of the hill.—When Jimmy learned I ‘d came all the way from California, Jimmy pulled out his wallet and handed me a $20. bill and told me to “go get something to eat”. I insisted Jimmy take the $20. back. Jimmy then got into my pickup and we went onto Fayette. Jimmy was going to help me find a motel. The first motel he took me to was definitely an African American motel. I looked at Jimmy and asked him, “Does this look right with you?” Jimmy started laughing and replied, “No Sur”. He then showed me a motel just on the outskirts of Fayette—“For Whites”. We laughed so had. I took jimmy back to his home. I returned the next day for his paintings. A bond was made that was never broken. I love(d) Jimmy Sudduth!—olRoff

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