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I have done some pretty stupid things in my chase for art and antiques. It was in the latter part of 1990s. 365 bet I had discovered Sharon Johnson in Jackson, Mississippi so I went on a buying trip. I owned a 1992 Chev P/U ( painted by folk artist Sam McMillan) and I pulled a small van-type covered trailer. It was in the early hours when I pulled into Jackson. I usually drove all night so I was pretty tired. صور كونكر —-I couldn’t remember where the Fairgrounds were.  I saw this young  African American woman standing on the street corner. mobile bet365 Without thinking I pulled over and rolled down my window to ask her directions, She reached inside, opened my door and got in with me, saying, “I will show you.” She proceeded to direct me to the fairgrounds and then asked me to return her to her corner where I had found. Once there she asked me for a few dollars which I was happy to give her. I was so stupid, only then did I realize that I had just hired a prostitute. –Do you know, in California, I would have been locked up and no one would have believed my story!—Memories–olRoff

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