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Our gallery has always been located in an interesting place–Yesterday as I drove up in front of the gallery there was a fairly attractive Mexican woman in her 30ties crossing in front of me. She approached and greeted me as I was exiting the car. ivermectin scabies side effects “Do you own this place?” She asked. I replied that I did. “May I come in?” I told her I was closed. She then told me “I can make it very pleasant for you” She replied as she threw a smooch to me. ivermectin (sklice I told her I was happily married and pretty old for that stuff. She flirtingly told me, “You’re never too old” She started to walk away and then turned back and asked, “Can you spare a couple of dollars?”—Happily I gave her $2.00. The experience was well worth that! ivermectina 6mg pra q serve —As a footnote, when I told my 17 year old grandson about about it, his reply was “Why didn’t you call me!”–olRoff

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