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A Civil Trial story. We were in court in Modesto. It was a large civil trial. The State of California was being sued for a huge amount of money. Bill Morrisroe (Likeness of Robin Williams), attorney was defending the state. A well known attorney from Hollywood was representing the person suing the state. It was during closing arguments when Bill Morrisroe referred to opposing counsel as “The attorney from Hollywood”. The Hollywood Attorney objected and the judge told Bill not… to do that again. Well Bill Morrisroe, being a little crazy, did it again and again came the objection. And again the judge ruled the same. And a third time, time Bill again, daring the judge, referred to the Hollywood Attorney. بطاقات ون كارد The judge advised Bill that he was going to sanction him and fine him, but this time the judge looked straight at the Hollywood Attorney and said, “Would you please tell the jury where you are from.” The Hollywood attorney reluctantly stated, “Hollywood”. Laughter erupted from the jury. العب اون لاين روليت It seemed as if the Hollywood Attorney was himself on trial. Deliberation was not long and the state was found “Not negligent”. I will always wonder if the person suing the state had of obtained a local lawyer, would the verdict have been the same? Was the high powered Hollywood Lawyer too much for the country people of Modesto to swallow? موقع paypal [–olRoff, retired legal Investigator

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