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Good Morning–I must share this with you. I found out during the last few days. ملاعب كاس العالم 2024 Please, my spelling may be off—The Brain Surgeon, Dr Circacella of Sacramento has performed over 300 of these surguries. He has only had one that did not turned out successfully.
I am the chosen one. They say he was very sad and decided a different route, which I assumed involved the steroids. To him I say thank you …for trying so hard. I love you Doctor! December 31 I was told by an Eye Surgeon Dr Nakanisha that I had received the miracle of sight back. He had only seen this Tumor 5 or 6 times in his long successful career. —In a few minutes I will be leaving for another brain scan. البايرن Am I scared, no, my God has me by the hand and will lead me through.—I truly love my family and friends. افضل العاب على الانترنت I want to be here to help you through if you ever need.—love grandpa olRoff

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