Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by Roff Graves

Ellen Gemmill

I have a story to tell. During the process of working on my family tree, I came across a painting online, titled “Brother Louis.” Upon looking at the 2 images that were posted, I knew right away that the Louis was my great-uncle (my maternal grandmother’s brother), Louis Zanelli. I contacted the person who had posted the painting and explained a little about who Louis was, and told him that I was very interested in buying the painting, and would he consider selling it? He was reluctant (he really liked it, too!) and tap-danced a little bit about making a commitment to sell. We messaged back and forth on FB after that, and the happy day arrived when he contacted me and said he was willing to sell it to me. I was so happy and excited! Well, the day finally arrived (last Friday) that the painting was delivered. I didn’t tell the gentleman because I wanted to wait for the “unveiling” for the weekend, and wanted to have pictures to post. I want to dedicate this post and these photos to the wonderful, caring, talented man who so graciously agreed to return the painting to the family from which it came, and to where it belongs. Thank you, thank you, Roff Graves you will never know how happy this made me. If you ever come east and would like to visit, you are welcome any time!

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