Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by Roff Graves

It is early here in California, actually 4:52am to be exact. I just woke up to somewhat of a sweat. I am reminded of Easter. a holiday for many years I dreaded. As a boy , perhaps 10 years old or so my parents has finally built our house, We lived in Quartz Hill, California where many of the poorer folks lived. We attended a small interdenominational Church, not too many people. A traveling, well-meaning traveling Evangelist was passing through and had no where to stay. My generous folks invited him to stay with us. We did not have a whole lot of room so it was decided that the Evangelist would sleep with me as I had a full size bed. —No, he did not molest me–

I had just about got to sleep when he decided my soul needed to be saved. He asked me if I was saved. He proceeded to tell me abut Jesus, how Jesus was going to return—just like he went away on Easter Day–and that if my soul was not saved I would burn. He made it clear to me that I would not burn for a few minutes, I would burn forever. And he prayed and prayed, out loud for my soul. He scared the living hell out of me. He frightened me to the point that for years I hated the thought of Easter–still remember it vividly. The next day the Evangelist left and I never saw him again but to this day—at least 68 years later I remember him and what he did to a 10 year old boy!—-memories of olRoff

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