Last Updated on June 30, 2021 by Roff Graves

What is scary is when Arleney likes a painting and even gets excited about it. I think to myself—‘oh no. another failure” –Arleney doesn’t particularly like fokart.—I call this “Cotton Picking”—please note the ads you are looking at came from a 1936 magazine. The money shown is what a picker would be paid for “Picking” or “Pulling” 100 lbs of cotton. It would be extremely hot. —A good “Puller” could pull perhaps 400 or 500 lbs a day—Pulling is when the cotton is left in the boll I have no idea how many pounds a good “Picker” could pick but it would be substantially less than pulling—Picking means the cotton is removed from the boll at picking time. My entire family pulled cotton so I know a little about it. You never forget.—-Arleney loves this one!

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