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Outside Paintings

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

I spent the day working on signs that can be placed outside–lots of work–takes several coats of Rustoleum enamel.—Again if you know of someone who is in need and I can bring a little happiness to through my paintings please let me know. There will be NO cost to them.

The Old Muslim Man

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Yesterday I was in a METRO phone store and was spending time with the owner, an older Muslim man whom I greatly admired. He was helping me pick out yet another phone for a grandchild. I ran into some very negative –shall I call it energy–. (not from the grandchild) and was at wits end. The Older Muslim man gently took my hand and told me it was alright, that “God sees all and remembers all.” I love that old Muslim man!—olRoff

About Me

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Here is some things you may already know about me. I draw a retirement salary from the State of California where I retired as a Senior Special Investigator. I am on Social Security.–My wife Arleney is retired from San Joaquin Delta College and ia on Social Security. She loves to pay the Stock Market and is very knowledgeable in that regard. ——-In Dec 2012 I had surgery for a massive Pituitary Tumor. It was not 100% successful and thus I have a bit of tumor deep within my brain that is inoperable. I am somewhat disabled, partly blind and a few more problems—BUT the gift God gave me back was just beyond all expectations. I found I could paint, something I have always wanted to do—I have NEVER really desired to sell my paintings and if you check my website you will find I have given over 100 away. I pay all shipping and the receiver pays nothing. If I can bring a bit of joy to someone, it is what I want to do. I was not given this gift to make money. I was given this gift to share. IF ANYONE WANT A PAINTING FOR A BENEFIT AUCTION, FOR MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION, OR JUST TO SHARE WITH SOMEONE TO LIFT THEM UP, please let me know. I will do my utmost to help!–olRoff

Cotton Picking

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

Era 1930s Cotton Picking

What is scary is when Arleney likes a painting and even gets excited about it. I think to myself—’oh no. another failure” –Arleney doesn’t particularly like fokart.—I call this “Cotton Picking”—please note the ads you are looking at came from a 1936 magazine. The money shown is what a picker would be paid for “Picking” or “Pulling” 100 lbs of cotton. It would be extremeely hot. —A good “Puller” could pull perhaps 400 or 500 lbs a day—Pulling is when the cotton is left in the boll I have no idea how many pounds a good “Picker” could pick but it would be substantially less than pulling—Picking means the cotton is removed from the boll at picking time. My entire family pulled cotton so I know a little about it. You never forget.—-Arleney loves this one!

Call Mick

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

OK Here goes—–I have long thought about painting this subject matter and finally I found a reason. I have told all of you about this great Lowe employee on Holman Rd in Stockton, Ca. I am told that he is good at helping and I know he helped me.–Well this poor old cow stepped wrong and her foot landed on her teat. It was so painful. Looking at her face you can just see the bloody tears in her coming down from her eyes. Somehow she just can’t lift her foot—solution–CALL MICK