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Alicia was 12 or 13 years old when I first met her. She would come into the gallery and just hang out. (The gallery was a safe haven for both gangs, the Reds (Norteno) and the Blues(Soreno). Alicia’s family was extremely poor–probably illegals from Mexico. ivermectin kills fleas mites bots Her father was a alcoholic. her brother was a member of the Blues.—Alicia, even at that age, was in love with Miguel. Miguel. about 15 years old already was a mean-heavy hitter for the Red gang. The two kept it a total …secret. A hellish war would have broken out between the rival gangs. I kept their secret.—End of story–I got very ill and lost track—but a couple of months ago I learned that Alicia ad became pregnant, quit school and was hanging with the Blues. otc ivermectin –Miguel, who didn’t go to school had managed to straighten his life around and was driving a truck, working in the orchards. ivermectin 12 mg coronavirus He was forming his on farm Labor Crew.—I sometimes miss the gallery–olRoff

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