Last Updated on May 8, 2022 by Roff Graves

For the first time in years an invitation is out for you to check the paintings of ol’Roff’s on the website. For years I, olRoff owned the gallery and represented the best of Folk Artists and potters. That ended with my brain tumor in 2012. Contents of the business were auction in June of 2013. To keep from going crazy I immediately started buying the best I could find, even many of my former pieces back–please note–none of those pieces are for sale.—Then a miracle happened in 2014. كيفيه لعبه الشطرنج I had longed to be  an artist so one day I picked up a paint brush and have been painting ever since.—I have given away as many as 60 or 70. ون كارد تسجيل I did not keep perfect count.————Right now I have a few on hand that I basically kept for our own collection. I will be adding more and more as I pass the time by painting. اونو لعبة

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