Uncle George and the Old Pocket Knives

I bought 10 old broken pocket knives on eBay for 4 cents, yes 4 cents.---Shipping was $20. I received the precious knives I wrote the seller this note today---Good Evening. Yesterday I received the old pocket knives. I am 85 years old, with a tumor on my brain stem. I was a small boy in Texas in the Outback of Texas. We had very little money. ---My Uncle George was injured at birth and was mentally handicapped to a small degree but he could still function. He was the kindest man I have ever known. When we visited Grandpa and Grandma, and Uncle George in Oklahoma he would always give me a broken pocket knife. He taught me so much--how to shoot---how to love things and so much! I loved the pocket knives. We moved away and followed picking fruit in California. I lost all the knives. At 17 I joined the Air force and was almost immediately sent to Korea. The knives you sent mean so much to me. Thank You---Thank you!

  • Artist : ol'Roff
  • Price : No Longer Available