Little Annie Fagen

This great Southern Artist was born March 10, 1910. he died September 02, 2007. During the 15 years I knew Jimmy he lived in Fayette, Alabama. His cousin O. C. Sudduth handled Jimmy's business dealing. My family was well acquainted with Jimmy , O. C. (Cebo), and O.C's wife Georgia. I could write a book about our visits together. Jimmy would sing, play the harmonica, and dance with my young grandson, Brandon. What memories! Thank you Sudduths for being part of my life! I have sold 100s of Jimmy's paintings and I consider this his best! I wish I could say I bought it directly from Jimmy but I can't I bought it thru Sterling's Auction several years ago. It is framed in solid curly maple.

  • Artist : Jimmy Lee Sudduth
  • Price : Personal Collection