Folk Art Monster “Mushroom”

This next piece i will post is what I call true folk art. I started with an idea of sea shells and coral, plus a little bit of driftwood,—And the monster took off. First the driftwood , then across from it, a large sea shell–throw in a little coral—ad more sea shells, and more coral–Don’t forget the Suzan B Anthony dollar—a Holey stone–Oh no, it is falling off the other side! Add more Apoxie Sculpt, OMG, it is starting to harden a little, straighten out—-can’t, it has it’s own mind.–Give up and let it be! And here you have ir—You don’t like it or you love it. Actually, I love the monster—Arleney doesn’t. Two folks thought it was “cool”.. Anyway it has someone it is going to. so I guess it is up to what she thinks! One thing for sure, there will never be another one like it!—Thanks to Barbara Kaiser
in Florida and to Anthony Bozzuto in Florida for the beautiful sea shells and coral.

  • Artist : ol'Roff
  • Price : No Longer Available