A Flower for Momma

"A Flower for Momma"-----Well, I've done it---no more tubes! And it is so much fun to sling paint from jars. Sadly, my eyesight did not yet return but I can see well enough to play Facebook and sling paint. Have you ever seen a blind man sling paint!!---Stay out of his/her reach!---So i am painting this canvas I prepped Louis Vuittonet style.--Having a great time, Arleney comes out, "Let me see" she requested. Reluctantly i showed her. "I Love it!!!" she replied. I never know what to expect out of that woman!!!.---almost done.----Sent to material Culture Auction House

--preacher ol'Roff

  • Artist : Grandpa ol'Roff
  • Price : To Philadelphia--Material Culture