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My Heaven

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

During my career as an Investigator, both State of California and a PI, I would enter into the world of the case I was working on and try to place outside problems aside. I find myself doing the same with my garage studio. When I enter there outside problems seem to remain outside. I won’t let them in. When and if I do, the problems will appear in the work I am doing.—I always say, “My heaven is working in the studio with the door open to the house. There I can hear Alleney and our African Grey, Sweetie talking, occasionally singing. ” That is my heaven!–olRoff

4 Signs

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Off to hunt for Gidget. I have written about her before. I am going to show you four signs I just completed. One is for Gidget. Hopefully I can find her in time for Christmas. I will have one other to give away . Two are spoken for. Please note these are pieces of driftwood from Lake Ontario. It takes at least three or four days to complete a sign. Each sign has 3 or 4 coats of 1-Shot Enamel paint. Weather will not affact the paint–should last for years, inside or out.–I love making and giving the signs. Hopefully I can spread them through Lodi.
With each sign going to the homeless there will be an envelope with some cash inside. The envelope will be taped to the sign.

My Dilemma

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Here is my dilemma–I would like everyone who wants a painting or sign to have one. I hate to charge because many people can hardly afford food much less a painting. I have tried hard to figure this out. I just need help. (1) I could put a price (but I don’t want to) and say, “Pay this amount or what you can afford.” or I can say (2) “Give something to someone in need, any amount you can afford”. Perhaps the second is best. I anticipate my 11 year old Great-grandson Jaden will be joining me in painting. It wimll probably change then.–olRoff

What A Day!

Monday, December 7th, 2015

It is 2:43  in the morning here is Stockton, Ca. I am in total awe of yesterday spent with Arleney-my Wife, my Daughter Cindy and Son-In-Law Steve Weil. They picked us up in Steve’s new Tesla. I have never been in or seen a car that would drive itself, even parallel park itself–unbelievable! I can’t even imagine that yet I lived to see and experience it!——And add to that, we attended the Sacramento Gay Men’s Choir. This group of men-all ages and races singing Christmas songs and lifting their voices to heaven! And the 3 wonderful women that sang! Aunt Pearl was delightful!
I am so thankful to be alive and see this (in my youth these men would have been ridiculed, rocks thrown at them, totally unaccepted). I am so thrilled to see this change. It was beautiful beyond description!—We finished the day off with dinner out that Steve had chose for us, equally a delightful dining experience. What a day. What a day!