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Gallery and Gang Land

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Roff Graves When a person has a gallery bordering two gangs one of the first thing you must do is make peace with both sides. Then you have the best insurance policy the world can provide. And while doing that you learn to love the families and you weep with them! There are no winners in gang-land!—

A Special Moment

Monday, May 5th, 2014

A moment for me to remember—-Late this afternoon I took my grandson Robby, age 17 to the “Taco Truck”. As we ordered we were joined by a very unkempt homeless man “Tennessee”. Waiting for our food, a young boy about 12 came to the edge of our table and counted out his money. A dime rolled off and onto the ground. I offered to replace it but he found it. He sit down with us. He ordered a Vegetarian Taco. One thing led to another and I bought him a Coke. He told us he was Muslim. Tennessee stated, “God loves the Blacks. Whites, Muslims, and even me (homeless)”.
Tennessee left first, then my grandson left to get the car. The Muslim boy held out his hand and said, “May I have your name, sir?” I told him my name and the told me his was “Raymond (perhaps Ramon).  We told each other goodbye and I knew it was a very special moment! I will always cherish it!–olRoff