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Reply to Sandra on Facebook

Monday, April 14th, 2014

replied this to Sandra so I will share it with you— Thank you Sandra. My love of life consists of friends, family, art and antiques. I am fascinated with what life has to offer and when I hear of someone doing some crazy adventure, I want to go do it (I am an adrenalin freak),–I am not religious and belong to no church but I absolutely love my God and he is with me all the time!—I smoke a pipe occasionally and a great cigar upon very rare occasions. I drink occasionally. I am extremely happily married and I adore my wife (anyone who knows me will tell you).—and I am ill with a pituitary tumor which is now lodged deeply in my brain, which makes life even more precious. —now you know me!—olRoff

My African roots

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Oh this word has been so much fun this morning–Got my DNA Results and I found why I love colors so much–You probably guessed it! I am 1% African, yes me, this white guy .I have roots in Senegal Africa –plus I found my 6% Iberian Peninsula (Spelling) (great-great grandmother, the rest is European, mainly Irish and English

The Kid in The Alley

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

I miss the poor Mexican kids in the alley behind our former gallery. I will never forget the boy, about 12, whose shoes were so worn out that they were wrapped on his feet with duct tape, but even more, I will never forget the lady in Burton’s Shoe Store who unwrapped his feet, with tears in her eyes. I bought him a pair of shoes and the shoe store owner gave him a pair of sandals.–probably more shoes than he had ever had at one time.-olRoff