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Policy as of 01-10-2021

Artist Name: Artist--Grandpa ol'Roff

Price: See policy

Please Read----This Sunday morning Arleney and I discussed this. It has been a problem for me since I started to paint 7 or 8 years ago. I absolutely do not like having to deal with it so here is what we, Arleney and I came up with. (1) You can buy one from me for $75. (I pay shipping) or (2) You can make a $75. donation to a charity such as (1) Make A Wish Foundation, Smile Train, Special Olympics. Angel Tree, or a Charity devoted to children (please let us know the charity) Fortunately "Pay it Forward" seems to be working as we had hoped---Ask. ----Every month two or three Mushrooms will go out to people I want to have one---nothing but "Thank You" is expected. This is our policy, effective immediately, Sunday- January 10, 2021.---and believe me, Arleney--a bright business woman, helped to make this policy so it will stand. ---ol'Roff