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Rev. Rice at Folk Fest

Artist Name: Artist--Reverend W.C. Rice

Price: Personal Collecrtion

My pictures are all jumbled. This was taken at Folk Fest in the late 1990s when I represented Reverend Rice. This put me on the Folk Art World map. Rev. Rice had never been represented before. We had a strong friendship and love between up. He and several family members showed up. It was quite a show. TV Cameras rolled and newspapers wrote about it. I believe the FOLK ART Messanger even did a story about it. Here we are that year at Folk Fest.]============ I will never forget Steve Slolin told me that Reverend Rice and his family would be no fee guests at the show. When they started arriveng (I had NO idea his family was so huge. I gulped thinking if Steve would let all of them in--and being a man of his word, he did. I will neder forget that day. his signs flew off the wall. i don't think I went home with even one