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Rev W. C. Rice's Cross

Artist Name: Artist--olRoff-Signs prior to 2016

Price: On Hand

Reverend W. C. Rice and his wife Marzel were close friends of mine. They were the developers of the Miracle Cross Gardens. I stayed at their home when in was in or near Montgomery, Alabama I was the first person to ever represent Rev. Rice and knew him well. This is a cross that he gave me in the mid 1990s. It is from his gardens. I displayed it on the outside wall of my gallery in Lodi. Time took its toll and every bit of paint was destroyed. I can't recall it it was broken on the bottom when I got it. ---I have painted it as I believed he would. --I placed "from" so people will understand that it was his and was given to me. The figure enclosed in red was an engraving of Jesus.---I loved those two folks