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Morta pipe by Marinko Neralic

Artist Name: Pipe Maker Marinko Neralić

Price: Personal Collection

Here is my first ever Bog Oak---Morta pipe. IT is by Marinko. Here is a little about Morta---Bog Oak, much like Brown Oak, is not a specific species, but is rather a term that designates oak that has been buried in a peat bog, sometimes for several hundreds of years. The anaerobic conditions of the bog protect the wood from decay, while the acidic water contains tannins, which stain the wood a dark brown to almost black. Though Bog Oak does not describe a specific tree, it tends to most commonly occur in the United Kingdom, with English Oak being the most commonly salvaged species taken from bogs. Since there is such a limited supply of the wood—with Bog Oak essentially being the very early stage of fossilization—prices for this type of wood are very high. By Marin Neralic lengths - 140 mm / 5.51'' Height - 60 mm / 2.36'' Chamber Diameter - 20 mm / 0.78'' Chamber Height - 47 mm / 1.18'' morta, holly & cocobolo wood rings, acrylic steam