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If The Bird by Peter Lenzo

Artist Name: Artist/Potter--Peter Lenzo

Price: Personal Collection

Another absolutely great piece by Peter Lenzo: "Lenzo---If The Bird melts--I'm Gone--Less Than Ever." If you knew Peter, this jug would mean a lot to you! But thank God, the Bird is gone but Peter is still with us! The jug is approx. 8" x 11". I asked Peter about the opening on top of the head and here is his reply:From: V Rose To: Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 6:24 PM Subject: RE: Lenzo piece "I spoke with Peter today and he seemed to know exactly what you asked me about. He said he placed a bird in that slot and that he wrote something about if the bird is gone all is lost? He said there is an inscription on the piece indicating that? He said he felt that it was much like his life. He was very happy that you liked the face jug, or as I like to call them memory jugs. Let me know if this makes sense. Sometimes Peter can get things mixed up. Val"