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Mexican Folk Art_Jalisco Warrior

Artist Name:

Price: Personal Collection

(This was written by the seller) "This is a magnificent Antique Very Old Jalisco Mexico Warrior Sculpture DETAILED! 12.5" TALL! This very old piece was obtained by my consignor on her travels through Mexico in the 1960's with her husband, Roy Dimitri Parsons, famed artist. Both Dimitri and his wife were avid travelers and loved to obtain old antiquities and art throughout their travels; sometimes by trading their art. We had someone very knowledgeable in pre-Hispanic art look at this and he stated that there appeared to be some mineral deposits, but could not date this piece. Just saying that it is at least as old at the 1960's if not before and that with this level of artistry and detail, it's a nice acquisition. The detail on this piece is truly amazing and whoever sculpted it was a gifted artist. Dimensions: Height 12 1/2", weight 4 lbs 16 oz; large substantial piece." Magnificent piece!