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Early Dutch Onion bottle

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Price: Personal Collection

Several years ago this was known as a "Captain's" bottle or a "Ships" or a "Pirates" bottle. I think that is because of the size and shape. It would be difficult to overturn as the ship rocked back and forth. presently it is known as a "Dutch Onion". this was probabl;y made in the Netherlands in the 1700 "---From the person I bought it--"From a local estate comes this is great Black Glass Dutch Onion Utility bottle circa the early 1700's. I don't know if the person dug this bottle himself or purchased it but I know it was part of his collection of amazing antique and vintage bottles. Measuring approximately 8" tall and 5 5/8" wide at the widest point, this bottle is so deep dark olive green that in some light it appears nearly black. It has no chips or cracks but does have overall surface wear and scratches (see pics) but it going on three centuries old!