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More about Louis Vuittonet

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

I exhausted myself (easy to do at 76 years old) chasing Louis Vuittonet and his world of art! Right now an ad for Raw vision’s Fall Issue is being prepared. 

The man, Louis Vuittonet is an amazing man. He is 1/2 French, 1/4 Mexican, and 1/4 Cherokee Indian. He moves 100 miles per hour 100% of the time. He is obsessed with painting! I have no idea how his mind works but however, it is a astonishing! His ideas are limitless and he never runs out! He paints using his hands  and finger-tips as brushes. I asked him if he wasn’t worriedabout the toxics in the paint. he replied, “At my age, why worry?”


Louis Vuittonet

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

There has been an artist I have watched for awhile. The paintings on his website were too expensive for me but I wanted to connect. Well a few days ago we connected and he is now part of Graves Country gallery. He is Louis Vuittonet,  part Cherokee Indian. French. and Mexican. I have no idea what to call his art other than great! Welcome aboard Louis!


Sunday, June 10th, 2012
I am at the gallery at the most two days a week. Sometimes I think I prefer not to sell anything. Overhead is $1,100. or $1,200. a month.There is a big easy chair I can sleep well in. When i am surrounded by the art that I love I feel so at peace. I connect with the artists and potters and I feel as if I belong in this wonderful world of art! I threaten to sell the gallery but I know I never will. It is a place I love!–olRoff

Howard Rains

Friday, May 11th, 2012

When I decided to add Howard Rains to our gallery I had not the slightest idea who I was adding. I just loved his paintings. I knew he loved playing the fiddle and also painting. Tonight I spent a long time researching the web for Howard. After 10 full pages of entries, I just figure they will go on and on. Folks, Howard is not only a great artist but is also a very well known fiddler.


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
When I was a young man I knew I could never be a CHP Officer but I decided to take the test anyway. OMG, in a years time I was a CHP Officer being assigned to the East los Angeles Area, Young people, you cannot win the race if you don’t run! –olRoff

35 or 40 years of dealing in art and antiques

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

I have bought and sold art and antiques for 35 or 40 years. My favorite paintings are by Clementine Hunter. My favorite deceased artist is Jimmy Lee Sudduth. My favorite living artist–how I love my friend Bernice Sims but I don’t think anyone can top the awesome and sometimes vulgar antics of Steven Chandler. His paintings are beyond good. He is as crazy as a fox but somehow I always look forward to seeing what is next!–olRoff– Graves Country Gallery


Thursday, April 26th, 2012
This memory was inspired by an email from an artistand fiddler  in Texas, Harold Rains—.I was born and spent my early years in Texas–My dad loved the fiddle, tho he often referred to it as his violin. He never really played well but when he got mad at mom he would go into his room, lock the door and start playing his violin. Fond memories—olRoff

Slotin Folk Art Auction Catalog

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Slotin Folk Art Auction catalog is out. The auction dates are April 21 and April 22, 2012. You must have a copy of their catalog. It is an excellance reference guide and is free. just phone 770532 1115.

Steve and Amy helped me in this world of folk art.We sold at Folk Fest commencing in 1996 thru 2002 or so. Often we have pieces for sale in the auction and often we buy pieces. You can find the best there.–olRoff