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Brain Tumor cont.

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Speaking of brain tumors, most of you know that mine is very slow growing, if it is growing at all. I will probably die of old age–hopefully. I am fortunate. I won’t go into the problems it has caused but that is to be expected. It has taught me to be thankful for the moment, every moment. It has taught me that a close walk with my God is absolutely necessary for me. It has taught me how fragile life is and when I look at my beloved wife, I must cherish every moment. It is an excellent teacher. one that you listen to—just in case!

Brain Tumor

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

There are some very good things about a brain tumor—look at all the bragging right.
Can you top my illness?–ha ha—-Recently one of my granddaughters reminded me that I forgot to phone her back—My excuse, remember granddaughter, I suffer from a short-term memory loss—Sadly my wife Arleney sometimes takes advantage. It is finally easy for her to win a bet. And she feels absolutely no guilt! And I can act crazy (always did) but now people just shrug their shoulders and say, “He’s got a head problem!”—and life goes on–wonderful life!—olRoff

Easter and the traveling Evangelist

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

It is early here in California, actually 4:52am to be exact. I just woke up to somewhat of a sweat. I am reminded of Easter. a holiday for many years I dreaded. As a boy , perhaps 10 years old or so my parents has finally built our house, We lived in Quartz Hill, California where many of the poorer folks lived. We attended a small interdenominational Church, not too many people. A traveling, well-meaning traveling Evangelist was passing through and had no where to stay. My ge…nerous folks invited him to stay with us. We did not have a whole lot of room so it was decided that the Evangelist would sleep with me as I had a full size bed. —No, he did not molest me–

I had just about got to sleep when he decided my soul needed to be saved. He asked me if I was saved. He proceeded to tell me abut Jesus, how Jesus was going to return—just like he went away on Easter Day–and that if my soul was not saved I would burn. He made it clear to me that I would not burn for a few minutes, I would burn forever. And he prayed and prayed, out loud for my soul. He scared the living hell out of me. He frightened me to the point that for years I hated the thought of Easter–still remember it vividly. The next day the Evangelist left and I never saw him again but to this day—at least 68 years later I remember him and what he did to a 10 year old boy!—-memories of olRoff

April newsletter

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

My April newsletter is one you may want! you can email me – to request to be on the emailing list.–A couple of nice prizes will be awarded.—-One of the prizes will be a book titled “Clementine Hunter–A Sketchbook”—well worth having!—the other will be a professionally framed painting by that up-and-coming folk artist, me


Thursday, March 12th, 2015

I have been selling art for many many years. I have truly been fortunate to know such great obsessed artists such as Reverend Howard Finster, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Richard Souza, Louis Vuittonet, and note I am using the word “OBSESSED”. I must include a lady I love very much, Juanita Leonard. —Truly obsessed–all of them! I am afraid that I, as a beginning artist, have caught that obsession. It haunts me. Perhaps it helps to heal me.—Can’t worry about this tumor all the time–and all the other problems that seem to come with living. It takes me to a world of freedom where I will NOT accept any judgment. It brings me peace!

Our Country’s Turmoil

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Most of my friends on Facebook have no question as to where I stand spiritually or politically. I lean Left, my only brother (older) leans even more-so right. Right now both he and I are troubled over the State of our Beloved Country. This painting reflects it from the bottom of my soul. The Raging Waters –or Land– reflect the turmoil. The Deep Red Moon–or Sun– reflects I the Sadness and Anger I feel. The White Dove reflects the Peace I wish to see once more! “Our Country’s Turmoil”

MMy Most Fun Painting “I AM THE BOSS”

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

This is the most fun painting I have ever done–don’t know if I want to part with it. I am 78 years old and I’ve had a couple of bosses I will never forget. I almost put their names on this painting but they were and are, if alive, so miserably that I don’t want to ad to it. To you a-hole bosses, I dedicate this painting of the old Turkey Buzzard “I AM THE BOSS”

Make A Wish Foundation Silent Auction today Mar 7, 2015

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

At the Make A Wish silent auction where Arleney and the Cearley family are right now my 11′ x 14′ inch painting just sold for $150. Ah ol’Roff, finally some idea of the worth (silent auctions are tough!)—Darn it–I must have forgot to take a picture of the two I donated. The framed one of the yellow pick-up went for $150. The unframed one of a bear and a skunk (of course) went for $50.—I am happy—great cause!

Am I a true folk artist or am i a pleaser?

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

It is about 1:30 am and I am still up. Arleney is in los Angeles with her side of the family. I just read the fantastic Clementine Hunter sketchbook by Richard Gasperi, one of the greatest folk art  dealers of our time. I bought my first Reverend Finster from Richard in NewOrleans. in about 1983. I still own the Mose Tolliver I bought from Richard He is best dealer I have ever known!—any way, he has really got me to thinking. My question to me (to me personally) is, Am I painting to please you,  my friends and viewers or am I painting to please myself and you just happen to like it? If I am painting for you then truly I am NOT a true folk artist but I am a pleaser! I must rethink what I am doing. I want to portray what is inside of my heart and not just because it is “pretty”. WOW Richard, you really got my head spinning. THANK YOU!–olRoff—changes may be coming!

Me and My hat—35 years ago

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015