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Ellie Taming The Bear

Monday, January 26th, 2015

My Granddaughter Angela requested that I paint something different for my Great-granddaughter Elle’s second birthday, Here is “”Elle’s Tamming The Wild Mean ol’ Bear”–

movie “Selma”

Monday, January 26th, 2015

We just attended the movie Selma. It was outstanding! it was so touching for me. I have been on that bridge several times–even took my granddaughters Angela and Kimberly there. I was very close with Bernice Sims, who marched with Doctor King. Bernice was instrumental in the fight for the right to vote. She was recognized by the US Postal Service and a stamp was issued to commemorate her. Rest in peace Bernice Sims. You are loved and your spirit is still with us!

A Pick-up for Alonzo

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

I heard of this little boy, around 8 years who lived in Stockton with his mother. They are very poor. The little boy was stricken with Leukemia, requiring them to move to Phoenix, Arizona. This painting is for Alonzo. I plan on enclosing a few dollars “for gas”.–and this is the most important reason I paint

The Rest of The Story

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Wasn’t it Paul Harvey who used to say, “Here is the rest of the story”—-Well my grandson Robby (age 18) and I had a great time smoking that $30. cigar down to about half. Then Robby stopped and I puffed a couple of more times and decided to save it for later. Robby said it got to him a little and frankly, it was starting to get to me also. Well last night I went to bed with a slightly sore throat, a half-plugged nose and smoked smelling hair.—Now I remember why I don’t smoke cigars but once or twice a year!–maybe again in 2016!—olRoff

Chasing Dreams and Bonding

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Chasing dreams (catching a few) has been my life’s story. Bonding with my family has also been a major part. Today two of my grandsons. Nick and Robby and I had a nice lunch then Robby and I went off on a excursion–chasing dreams. Then along the way we decided to share a $30. cigar I bought a few weeks ago., Now that is a male bonding experience to talk about–first $30. cigar either of us had ever smoked. (neither of us smoke much).—Memories, memories, how precious!—olRoff

A personal debut and invitation to check out the paintings by olRoff.

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

For the first time in years an invitation is out for you to check the paintings of ol’Roff’s on the website. For years I, olRoff owned the gallery and represented the best of Folk Artists and potters. That ended with my brain tumor in 2012. Contents of the business were auction in June of 2013. To keep from going crazy I immediately started buying the best I could find, even many of my former pieces back–please note–none of those pieces are for sale.—Then a miracle happened in 2014. I had longed to be  an artist so one day I picked up a paint brush and have been painting ever since.—I have given away as many as 60 or 70. I did not keep perfect count.————Right now I have a few on hand that I basically kept for our own collection. I will be adding more and more as I pass the time by painting.

Kimmy and Gidget, Two homeless women

Friday, January 9th, 2015

I did not take a picture today of Gidget or Kimmy but I could see the beauty of years gone by in both of them as Jaden and I offered to buy them lunch at the Taco Truck. Kimmy ready accepted but it took Gidget a few minutes as she is deathly afraid of men.  When I spoke to Gidget she recognized my voice and agreed to eat something. As Jaden and I were leaving Gidget asked me if I would hug her for a moment. —As I held her I could feel her frail body and she trembled–so longing for a human touch! Kimmy asked me to do the same. —Jaden and I bid them goodbye and were off on our photo-shoot.—Jaden and grandpa olRoff