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No Racial problems This Night

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

It happened on Mariposa Rd, a few miles east of Stockton. my partner and I were working grave-yard. It must have been one o’clock AM or so. We stopped to check out this parked car. We noticed that one or two of the doors were ajar. As we got close to the car we could here grunts and groans and then we saw 2 couples, one in the back seat and one in the front. The were putting on quite a show. After a little while we interrupted their party and kind of ruined their night. They were drunk. We didn’t want to arrest them but we couldn’t let them drive away. My partner, Harold and I discussed it and decided to hide their car keys. I placed them immediately in front of the left rear tire.—We then continued our routine patrol. A hour or two later we returned to check on them. They were sober and had torn all the seats out of their car, looking for the keys. We offered to help them and after a few minutes I retrieved the keys and gave them to the driver. You can just imagine  how happy they were. At that time in our history there were so many racial problems, well that night two CHP Officers were loved–no racial problems felt!–olRoff

Death Came Fast

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Many years ago I was a CHP officer working out of San Francisco. I was notified of a code 1144 accident. The driver couldn’t decide to go left into San Francisco or right toward Sacramento I guess he chose right, too late. He wound up against a metal post at the bottom of the ramp. his car was smashed to ribbons, his head had connected with pole and the pole had left its signature in his head.—But what was most striking to me was that his lunch pail was sitting upright nest to him. it was untouched.—The man was on his way somewhere to work and then he was dead–that fast, just that fast! I can never forget, the scene sticks with me!–olRoff

Its here

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

I knew it was coming. I got the date of April 17th, 2014 with my Brain Surgeon, Dr Ciracello (Spelling?). please say a little prayer for me. I know all is well but its still a little scary.–olRoff

Was He An Angel

Monday, March 24th, 2014
I am sure within our lifetime all of us have encountered angels but somehow we refuse to recognize or acknowledge it. I can think of two times right now. I will tell of one. It was in the late 1970s or early 1980s.I was on a case, heading to Southern California, Just north of Fresno, California. It was in the morning. I saw a car as it was rolling and came to rest on its wheels. it was packed wit…h Mexicans men, probably illegal. They were badly hurt. The car was smoldering. No one would go near it. The CHP and fire trucks were not there. Something had to be done. I yelled and out of nowhere came this large muscular African American
Man. I still remember his huge Afro-haircut. We managed to get the door open and pulled the injured men out of the car–all of them. The car then went up in flames. I remember a woman yelling to the top of her lungs, “Thank you Jesus!” I wanted to thank the African American man and I looked for him. He was no where around. I then also left the scene. I never saw him again. I often wonder if he was an angel!—memories–olRoff

Hollywood Lawyer

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
A Civil Trial story. We were in court in Modesto. It was a large civil trial. The State of California was being sued for a huge amount of money. Bill Morrisroe (Likeness of Robin Williams), attorney was defending the state. A well known attorney from Hollywood was representing the person suing the state. It was during closing arguments when Bill Morrisroe referred to opposing counsel as “The attorney from Hollywood”. The Hollywood Attorney objected and the judge told Bill not… to do that again. Well Bill Morrisroe, being a little crazy, did it again and again came the objection. And again the judge ruled the same. And a third time, time Bill again, daring the judge, referred to the Hollywood Attorney. The judge advised Bill that he was going to sanction him and fine him, but this time the judge looked straight at the Hollywood Attorney and said, “Would you please tell the jury where you are from.” The Hollywood attorney reluctantly stated, “Hollywood”. Laughter erupted from the jury. It seemed as if the Hollywood Attorney was himself on trial. Deliberation was not long and the state was found “Not negligent”. I will always wonder if the person suing the state had of obtained a local lawyer, would the verdict have been the same? Was the high powered Hollywood Lawyer too much for the country people of Modesto to swallow?[–olRoff, retired legal Investigator

Jim McDowell

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

To Jim McDowell, The Black Potter–You are one of the greatest potters and the best of men! It is such an honor knowing you. I deeply regretted removing your listings but I tried to treat each artist/potter fairly. I must refrain from anything on the website that has the appearance of selling because of the taxes and licenses involved(About two years ago we went through a 3 month long IRS Audit–it wasn’t pleasant–Results–We owed nothing, that is right-Nothing!). —I have such deep respect of you and your pottery! Please keep in touch!–olRoff

Redoing my Website

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

I have been using my website to display other people’s art and referring customers to them. Sadly, it is not working out. There are so many problems I did not even think about. Communications is a major factor but questions have arisen about if I am receiving compensation—I am not. As of today I will be removing all that I do not personally own (my personal collection is not for sale). You will still see the work of my family and the wonderful photography of Kathleen Prince.

Berkeley Psychic Institute-Sacramento Branch

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Arleney and I hadn’t been married too long when I started evening classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute- Sacramento branch. Mostly I went alone but Arleney visited occasionally. She would always say, “I am never going back!” but the intrigue was just too much and she would join me. That is why I love that woman so very much. She is truly my partner, my soul mate!–olRoff

The Amazing Gypsy People

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

I could fill a book about  my encounters as a Motor Vehicle Investigator with the Gypsy people but one of my mind’s most  boggling experiences came years later when I owned the antique shop/gallery on Cherokee Lane. A young man, I assumed to be Gypsy, came up as I was getting out of my pickup. He struck up a friendly conversation. Soon he told me that he would bet me $20. that he could tell me my favorite flower. There was no way he could know. I told him, “Let’s go for it!” He told me that he didn’t want to  cheat and to take a pencil and right it down. Being careful so he couldn’t see it, I wrote it down. I can’t remember what I wrote but it wasn’t an easy one–probably Fuchsia. Anyway, he told me I had just written Fuchsia and asked me to show him what I’d written. I should him and handed him a $20. bill. He graciously thanked me. I begged him, even offered to pay him to show me how he did it. He explained to me that his people just knew and there was no way I could learn. —Memories–olRoff

Roots Of A Tumor In My Brain

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

This is hard for everyone to understand, even my immediate family. When you have the roots of a tumor in your brain and you know not what the future holds, every thing else seems kind of unimportant. I want to enjoy every moment–and I want to share every moment possible with those I love–I am totally at peace with myself and my God and that is probably the most important thing in my world.