This section contains the work of the best artists and potters I have found. I don't have too many since the closure of our  store.


Artist--Benjamin F PerlinsArtist--Bernice Sims
Artist--Clementine HunterArtist--Edwin Jeffrey Jr. (Carver)
Artist--Elke TrittelArtist--Jerry Williams
Artist--Jimmy Lee SudduthArtist--Justin Aerni
Artist--Justine FullerArtist--Lisa Cain
Artist--Louis VuittonetArtist--Marion Crow
Artist--Mary Tillman SmithArtist--ol'Roff Graves (Given Away 2017)
Artist--ol'Roff Graves (Given Away before 2017)Artist--ol'Roff Graves--2018
Artist--ol'Roff-(on hand)Artist--ol'Roffs _Birds and Bird trees
Artist--olRoff-Signs prior to 2016Artist--olRoff-Signs-2016/2017
Artist--R.A. MillerArtist--Reverend Howard Finster
Artist--Reverend W.C. RiceArtist--Richard Silva
Artist--Robert BurczyArtist--Selva Prieto Salazar
Artist--Steven Chandler- Georgia Red MudArtist--Tyler Stone
Artist-Justin AerniArtist/Photographer--Lizzy Graves
Artist/Potter--Chester HewellArtist/Potter--Jason Mahlke
Artist/Potter--Jerry BrownArtist/Potter--Michel Bayne
Artist/Potter--Peter LenzoGod's Art
Pipe Maker Marinko Neralić Pipe Maker--Kevin Arthur
Pipe Makers--J. M. And Dan Boswell