It clumps together in huge masses and then washes up on the beach. Day +58 F. Share. Various ecosystems are impacted when sargassum inundations occur. Hu predicts that 2023 will be another major sargassum year, with the potential to surpass even 2022. FRANCE : Le ministre dlgu au Outre-mer Jean-Franois Carenco a annonc la cration, au 15 octobre 2022, de quatre structures pour grer le sujet sargasse aux Antilles. Palm Beach vs West Palm Beach for Vacation [2023] :An Honest Comparison to Help You Choose! Cancun SEAWEED Conditions [2022]: A Detailed Guide!! The sargassum islands are swept by the Gulf Stream into Miami before they reach our shores of Holbox, only on occasions where the currents change [because of a] storm is when small amounts of sargasso usually arrives at the island. Don't let sargassum ruin your beach day! Outlook of 2022 Sargassum blooms in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico* December 31, 2022, by University of South Florida Optical Oceanography Lab (,, The maps below show Sargassum abundance, with warm colors representing higher values. Reading, writing, and sharing about outdoor adventures, culture, and traditions has been his lifelong passion. Read more:What You Need to Know about Sargassum Invading the Caribbean. If you havent, you may be wondering why seaweed that is supposed to have superior nutrients would be an issue. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. On-shore trade winds and choppy weather conditions can result in a small bit of sargassum seaweed on our resorts shoreline. In January 2022, the overall Sargassum amount increased significantly from December 2021 across the Central Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea (CS). Dates and tips on how and where to see "shooting stars" from meteor showers all over the world. Thick mats of it make it hard for sea creatures to move and breathe, and when it dries, sargassum releases hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells like rotten eggs. Everything You Need to Know! As always our team get out on the beach first thing in the morning and make everything look amazing. Many researchers have been monitoring the issue and report that seaweed numbers have increased this year from 18 million tons in May to 24 million tons in June. Sargassum is a naturally occurring seaweed that floats freely on the ocean surface and is abundant in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. At the national level, the Blue Economy team work together to clear and remove sargassum from affected beaches using manual labour and heavy equipment. From May 7, 2019: The Mexican Navy will head the fight against sargassum this year, announced Mexican president Andrs Manual Lopez Obrador. Steady east to southeast winds increase during this time of year and an influx of sargassum can build up at our Countys beautiful beaches. Visit to learn more. Sargassum is a type of brown algae that frequently washes up on beaches across the Caribbean and even the United States. Roughly over 3,300 miles of that is on the Atlantic side and over 5,000 miles on the gulf side. FromJune 5: Mexicos federal government will build four sargassum-collecting vessels to help protect the Caribbean coast from the seaweed. They will use a crane system to lift the sargassum from the water and deposit it into another boat, according to Mexico News Daily. If travelers continue to have any concerns about their upcoming vacation at a certain hotel outside of the ones we work with/report on, we suggest reaching out to them via social media or e-mail to inquireif they have a beach cleaning program in place and real-time photos they can share. Instinctively, it contains high levels of arsenic and other metals so if you come across it, try not to touch it. Facebook Map of Beaches | Sargasso Tracker Welcome to Sargasso Tracker. In regards specifically to the seaweed, we have been rating the hotels beaches weekly on a scale from 1-10 (1 being very little, 10 a lot) and on average viewing them at a 3. Unfortunately, according to the most recent forecasts, 2023 may be another year with high seaweed concentrations. The maps below show Sargassum abundance, with warm colors representing high abundance. The recurring event, which scientists believe is caused by climate change and fertilizer runoff in the Amazon, has been documented since 2011. There has also been a change in the fish caught with there being a decrease in fish size and decrease in catch of some species. Newest sargassum seaweed map, September 16 (Supply): Sargassum seaweed season in Cancun and round Mexican Caribbean finishes in October. Punta Cana SEAWEED Problem (2022): Everything You Need To Know!! From October 23, 2015: In communication withpartner hotels in Tulum, they share that the problem has been less frequent and that the currents and weather changes have helped clear the beach. There is no law against removing sargassum in Florida, so many owners of hotels and beachfront properties have been able to remove the seaweed by hand without a permit. Since then, influxes have been arriving annually, at varying intensities, impacting critical industries (namely tourism and fishing) as well as the coastal environment. Dr Lapointe also pointed out that he has seen areas of low temperature off the coast of Africa, which could indicate nitrogen is coming from the deep seas. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Is Punta Cana experiencing what other. . ^-{y:uCxXaG$VOb53yvc7r5>mrGfNLRweIjXiOW{d-''=Q7zr{_Q|V[S3'U_7UuFz1uzw/kZ9Ui':#6H-'OuO}jky00'2&fv`u &9|k]4yU~rZrQGeeK.OvIW@=5Dj.,tjZR$a;=+}]gg"yqz{|#h]?kqtHNcQf9#P>L)K@:?V"wxi4w+=\]&quu=k0Rk6?X|gT *KS~]`CX^rp)1@v%w9Ha-iK?C\w@ Xj],Dhgeqqz18_BuYKYLkR>"~KW9t@9,p6[_ ssZG}}"- H DzdDit'q0i=/A|i??7_5;]Y }"$3p?s"w _LqN}w Occasionally, fishermen were required to navigate through sargassum which resulted damage to the engines of fishing vessels and corrosion of paint on the vessels. Florida is a large state with over 8,486 miles of coastline. He revealed the forces low-flying planes would be an effective way to spot the seaweed before it hits the shores of the Caribbean coast, according to Mexico News Daily. And its only getting bigger. Just recently we had some unexpected rain which did increase the presence of sargassum on the beach. aot 2, 2022 About Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces:Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces is the third largest accredited county park system in the United States, consisting of more than 280 parks and 40,000+ acres of parks and natural areas, comprised of active, passive parklands and nature preserves. Answer 1 of 10: We are looking to spend a week (June 1-8) in Punta Cana, and are specifically looking at either the Secrets Cap Cana or Dreams Punta Cana but are concerned about the sargassum/seaweed conditions currently. From August 28: Sargassum season 2019 is over according to the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, reports Mexico News Daily. Latest sargassum seaweed map, September 16 (Source): Ojeda, who recently called the problem alarming, said that authorities are preparing for the largest amount of sargassum observed on Cancun beaches since 2018. The animation is not supported by your device/browser. The central aim of CERMES ongoing SargAdapt Project (full title: Adapting to a new reality: Managing responses to influxes of sargassum seaweed in the Eastern Caribbean as ecosystem hazards and opportunities) funded by the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund through their EbA Facility, is to reduce the impacts of and improve adaptation to sargassum influxes in Barbados and Eastern Caribbean. 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